"We are proud and excited by our brand. Working with ASHA & Co we took the time to understand how people perceive us and engage with the RSPB right now. We found that we needed to work even harder at demonstrating that we are an organisation that impact for nature during a nature and climate crisis. The work ASHA & Co did helped us to establish real clarity in how our brand can bring our future strategy to life. ASHA & Co worked with us to give us a really clear externally focussed brand platform – Our Whys, Our Whats and Our Hows – they brought this to life further by giving us a brand identity that will help us differentiate ourselves to be able to stand out and stand up for nature.

We retained our USP of birds and through that demonstrate that we take action for nature with a birds eye view. The strength of our brand platform is that it gives us the confidence to be the brand that speaks with passion, understanding, trust, hope and urgency. All of which came through in our latest campaign to protect our important nature laws. It helped us move to a place that we can truly show the depth, the breadth and the impact we have for nature on a macro and micro level. Nature is in crisis. Together we can save it."

Ceri Dunne — Head of Strategy, Knowledge and Innovation at The RSPB