Giving Back by Giving Up

We all have habits that are annoying and frustrating. One of our irritating habits is having ideas
 in the middle of the night. But sometimes an idea, like The Big Cold Turkey, is worth losing sleep over. Based on a unique reward system, The Big Cold Turkey helps people give up their habit of choice – whether it is eating too much chocolate, biting nails, drinking too much alcohol or smoking. The most rewarding thing for us is being able to donate 100% of profit on sales to The Big Cold Turkey Foundation.

We set up the Foundation as our very own charity in 2004. It focuses on supporting kids who are at risk from drug and alcohol abuse. The money is used in a number of different ways. Our philosophy is to provide ‘hope’. We believe that nothing is possible without hope and we also believe that with hope everything is possible. We want to give young people something to hang on to, give them something to aspire to, show them that life can be different, and give them something to look forward to.

The foundation is our very own charity. It focuses on supporting kids who are at risk from drugs and alcohol.

The sponsored projects come from a variety of sources, but we try to be involved at ground level. That way we get to see the results of our efforts. There are no strict criteria for choosing the sort of projects we take on; if we see a need or are alerted to a need, we look to see how we might be able to help.

These are examples of the type of work we have been involved in: Working with individuals who’ve kicked a habit and left a group of friends behind but now find themselves lonely. Supporting them by helping them get involved in something new – perhaps by encouraging them to help or support others. Organising and financing a holiday through the Foundation for a family who’d never been on holiday – a single parent’s addiction meant they were struggling financially. Funding our work with a local school in an area with many social problems, motivating youngsters into thinking about the dangers of addiction and encouraging them into trying to give something up. Supporting a local charity whose work is synonymous with our philosophy of giving hope.

Family Space supports families in disadvantaged areas. We have sponsored the development of a branding system to help Family Space present themselves to potential financial supporters, and also assisted in the implementation of the fundraising strategy and general administration.

Cold Turkey Cycle shirt Back 2
Cold Turkey Cycle shirt Back 1

The Big Cold Turkey team were out in force with their new Cold Turkey kits riding the North Cornwall Tor. The distance was 100 miles with 10,000 feet of climbing. The North Cornwall Tor is recognised by many as the toughest cyclosportive and the team made it to the finish line in one piece- well done boys! Three members of The Big Cold Turkey team (Marksteen Adamson, Phil Gomm and Joe Francis) used the event as training for the main big event, the almighty Marmotte Challenge.

Marmotte 2009 113 1

Charity Ride: One day, 174 kilometres, 5000 metres ascent, Three Alps – Col du Telegraphe, Col du Galibier and Alpe d’Huez

The Big Cold Turkey had free sponsorship on the Formula Ford car of young champion driver – Stuart Thorburn.

He was keen to promote and use our brand because he disliked the heavy influence of tobacco companies in motor sports.

Tbct helmet 1
Turkey Racing Car 1