“You held a mirror up and showed us what we could BE rather than what we could SAY – the whole team was inspired by your presentation.”

Ben Spencer — Head of Brand Management, Strategy and Planning (BT & EE)

“ASHA & Co's work is truly enlightening and inspiring.”

Nicholas Hopwood — Head of Global Brand Strategy

“ASHA & Co delivered us the kind of insight that can really separate ERS from the pack… ASHA & Co has the ability to find insights like this time and again, and this, combined with their implementation capability through the range of media sets them apart.”

Ian Parker — CEO

“Brand Estonia is doing well – with the help of ASHA & Co’s new positioning a strong base has been established. This has received most positive feedback, so I have to say it again, great job and thanks!”

Evelin Ilves — First Lady of Estonia

“I love the thought piece you have produced.
It is really powerful and I think it’s something we can be really proud of.”

Andy McQueen — Divisional Director, Customer Strategy & Marketing

“We have just started working and partnering together, and I must say I am very impressed by your professionalism and customer focus. So thank you sincerely for all these efforts to go above and beyond high quality service. We are hugely excited to share our new strategy with our team, and looking forward to having you fully part of our development.”


“The Stations exhibition has given us a new dimension with which to engage communities. The message is finally getting through!”


“The UN has declared the year of micro credit as one of its most successful years with 101 countries participating, of which 63 formed national committees.
Thanks to ASHA & Co's help, the UK was one of 13 National Committees to receive an award for excellence from the UN and CGAP.”

PHYLLIS SANTA MARIA — founder director, financial inclusion forum

“The brand architecture you created has really
moved us on, and we’ll be able to go confidently
into new sectors.”

Marc Petit — General Manager Enterprise Division

“ASHA & Co has shown us what the future could look like for The Co-op Bank – It’s a compelling vision that changes everything, in a good way!”