Some sectors are harder to stand out in than others. None more so than reinsurance. Where everyone was making the same generic claims over identical territory, Beach were quietly changing the landscape. An innovator, open and unafraid to challenge traditional methods, Beach wanted a brand identity that would reflect these qualities; breaking the mould and differentiating them clearly within the industry.

Reinsurance requires, among other qualities, a complete grasp of the field of analytics coupled with an almost clairvoyant view of the future to assess risk for business on a global scale. Using big data, Beach would interpret possible outcomes. From the likely cost to the US economy of an atypical hurricane season, to the risk of terrorist attack for aircraft stationary on runways around the world.

We realised that Beach’s insight and independent outlook gave them a unique perspective within their field. When a problem comes to them, it’s already been intensely interrogated by the client and/or their competitors, so they effectively create solutions through reaching deeper into the analytical detail and thinking beyond the conventional approach.

In developing the brand strategy we created the line ‘See further’ to encapsulate this way of working and as an idea to enable them to express everything they do. This idea of a limitless vision applies equally to the way they treat their people, their opportunities and careers, and to the way they approach client business.

A sense of the company’s heritage has been retained in the refined word mark and this is supported by expansive photography featuring endless horizons implying limitless vision.

A vivid colour palette of blends is contrasted with elegant, italic typography to create a brand look and feel that enables Beach to stand alone in the sector.

In addition to brand strategy, positioning and visual identity, we delivered a product and service architecture that was brought to life using colour and typography to convey the sense of a scientific, analytical approach.

Supporting photography highlights individuals working collaboratively: the ‘i in team’ ethos at work in the Beach offices around the world.

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We created a suite of illustrations which could be combined with the colour gradients to add depth to printed documents, office and online environments. These images of weather patterns, flight paths and shipping lanes reflected some of Beach’s areas of specialism.

The website we produced for Beach brought their unique positioning to life in a way that was unlike any other organisation in the sector. The elements of the brand were combined to create a visually rich, highly distinctive, online experience which conveyed the strategy and personality behind the company.


A set of document templates was produced to enable Beach to present their analysis in a format they could effectively own. These templates incorporated the basic elements of the brand, as well as styling for charts and infographics, to help bring the data to life.


It was important that the brand could be expressed consistently in Beach’s locations around the world. We worked with architects’ plans to identify areas within Beach’s office environments where the identity could find expression.

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Using the new suite of basic elements, we developed designs for wall vinyls. The horizon lines of the large landscape images were given context by being seen within the city landscapes of the offices themselves.

We also created glass manifestations that used the longitude and latitude references for Beach offices around the world to convey the sense of an unseen, global network. The names of inspiring, visionary pioneers were used to title individual rooms.

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The brand had helped raise the market awareness and value of Beach to an extent that in March 2018 Beach was acquired by U.S. retail consulting and insurance broking group, Acrisure.

For our first acquisition outside North America, we were looking for a strong management team, international reach and significant reinsurance and insurance portfolio expertise. In Beach we have found all of that and more. We look forward with real enthusiasm to both supporting Beach’s growth and to partnering with a world-class executive team as we grow our collective business.

Gregory Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Acrisure