Establishing The Big Cold Turkey Foundation

Founded in 2003 by Marksteen and Louise Adamson, The Big Cold Turkey Foundation was set up to fund self-initiated, recreational projects for children and youth at risk of the direct and indirect effects of drugs and alcohol. These projects included holiday clubs and day trips, mentoring, swimming and music lessons, school trips and emergency respite.

The effects of drug and alcohol abuse and other addictions are far-reaching. Children in families where one or both parents are addicts are affected in a number of ways from neglect to poverty. School holidays can be a particularly stressful time for parents and children, so over the last 18 years, The Big Cold Turkey Foundation has provided a welcome break and happy memories for many parents, children and young adults.

The Foundation Today

Since 2010 Marksteen Adamson has evolved the Big Cold Turkey Foundation into a broader social enterprise executing a range of self-initiated and self-funded social engagement projects on various toxic social issues. 
The following projects are a selection of projects to date.

All these projects have been initiated and directed by Marksteen Adamson with support from his team at ASHA & Co. The projects are studies and programmes that have focused on self-identity, lost identity and collective identity.

All the projects have been direct responses to toxic social issues and situations where there is a big need for clarity and change. By exploring the problem in detail, our collective response evolves and enables us to make better and more informed decisions.

Ultimately the projects have been tailored to engage key audiences and drive action towards the desired outcome. All the projects to date have had significant public, corporate and government engagement and support and in specific cases, been responsible for policy change.


Marksteen is a passionate believer in the power of creativity to help improve life for disadvantaged people. As Executive Creative Director of ASHA & Co, he continuously strives to effect positive change for clients and individuals. Along with Louise Arthur, he established the Big Cold Turkey Foundation and more recently has created a wide range of social engagement projects dealing with a number of toxic social issues.
Louise is a founding partner and commercial director at ASHA & Co. With over 20 years experience in the field of branding, design and advertising, Louise has managed a number of brand identity creation and implementation programmes. Louise has a passion for alleviating the suffering that addiction inflicts on children.


If you have a project that you think could use the Foundation’s help, please contact Marskteen Adamson – Or call on: +44 (0)1242 574111.