King's Coffee House

Having faithfully served the local community for over 25 years, the Vine café was forced to close when its operating costs drove it into loss. Marksteen Adamson volunteered to help Charlton Kings Baptist Church re-launch its café and turn it into a viable business.

By creating a new business model and completely re-designing, re-furbishing and branding the space, we re-launched the café as King’s Coffee House. The café is now a thriving meeting place, putting its profits into serving young people, families and seniors through a number of community activities.

Stages in the transformation of the old Vine Café into King’s Coffee House

Following the refurbishment, King’s Coffee House has become a thriving business at the heart of the local area. A place where all members of the local community can feel welcome, meet up socially and, in some cases, learn new skills.


Marksteen approached the owner/manager of another coffee house in Cheltenham, Moka, who kindly agreed to help set up the ktchen and train new staff to run it. These kinds of partnerships are vital in building a working infrastructure to run many of the Foundation’s projects.

Something for everyone since 1985

The Coffee House is now thriving at the heart of the community

ASHA & Co created a complete brand identity for King’s which reflected the new environment and used illustration, colour and tone of voice to convey the warm, welcoming personality of the café. The identity made reference to the church with which it shared its name.

Some of the branding in place