The Sober Parrot

The Nelson Trust’s Hub project launched its latest community enterprise – The Sober Parrot. This was Cheltenham’s first late night entertainment venue with a strictly alcohol-free offer. The project accompanies The Hub Bistro and The Hub Maintains, 
also run by The Hub in Gloucestershire. The Hub creates space for people to recover from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Through working together to overcome isolation, exclusion and loneliness they can help individuals fulfil their potential and benefit the community 
as a whole.

All The Hub enterprises have something in common; the majority of their volunteers are people in recovery from addiction who are gaining life skills, training and experience through the project to help them return to long term, paid employment. The project gives them the space and the support to make sure they are in the best position possible to be successful employees.

“It’s having a safe and welcoming space where people can come and visit, volunteer, and learn new skills in an understanding environment.”

Jo Williamson

Moving into the new space

The Sober Parrot took over the premises of a former restaurant. It was refurbished and, with the help of local volunteers and donations of time and expertise from local businesses, a unique space that can be enjoyed by the whole community.

The Sober Parrot Festival was aimed at bringing the best specialists in mental and physical well-being in and around Cheltenham together for a four day celebration of all things healthy. Deliberately timed to coincide with the end of Dry January, the festival ran workshops by experts on everything from money management to meditation.

ASHA & Co created the branding for the festival which brought together a broad range of expertise in health and well-being.

Workshop leaders for the Sober Parrot Festival 2019

The branding and identity for The Sober Parrot is designed to express the vibrant, lively and welcoming atmosphere of the venue. Although there is a serious message at its heart, it’s a place where all members of the community can feel at home, with a ‘something for everyone’ outlook.

Sober Parrot branding in place