A birthday ballad for Bob

As part of the worldwide celebrations of Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday, BBC Four will be screening 'The Ballad of AJ Weberman'.

The awards-winning documentary explores the life of AJ Weberman, an infamous Bob Dylan obsessive. At times both hilarious and disturbing, the film chronicles his fanatical escapades and bohemian life in New York, while giving us a subverted interpretation of the American dream. It also serves as an insightful social commentary on the burgeoning Western obsession with the notion of ‘celebrity’ - now an all too familiar part of our daily lives.

Directed by Oly Ralfe and James Bluemel, the film went on to win the Raindance award at the BIFAs (British Independent Film Awards) in 2006. We had great fun collaborating with Oly to create the presentation collateral that accompanied the film at its award showings.

Oly Ralfe is a long-time friend, collaborator and wider member of ASHA & Co, and is the founder and director of Sheep Street Films. To see more of his work, head to: sheepstreetfilms.com

You can watch the film via the BBC website at the following link: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01174k6