Art of the States – PEEL exhibition in the USA

Over the last five months, the UK PEEL team has been assisting photographers and poets in Minnesota, USA to run five PEEL programmes of their own.

This process culminated in an art exhibition and poetry reading where participants of all of the courses were able to share their experiences and reflections.

PEE Lgallery 0133
PEE Lgallery 0101
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This work was exhibited at the Mill City Church Commons, Minneapolis on Saturday 21st May. For more information, visit

4 Charles Wilson by Kristen Pardoe
6 Mariama Gillespie by Keith Bellamy
6 Keith Bellamy by Mariama Gillespie
3 Kyle Pederson

These poems and prints represent the work of over 50 people who span a spectrum of ages and backgrounds. Most were unfamiliar with photography and poetry but were able to hone their new found skills as they progressed through the PEEL programme.

2 Roy Thomas by Jenny Anderson
1 Luke Friendshuh by Grace Midtvedt
1 Isabel Podratz by Samantha Halverson
4 Kiandra Judge by Jonathan Davis
1 Gina Fadden by Peyton Halverson
6 Chris Gabel by Jesse Brownlee
5 Ingrid Otterson by Dylan Blom
5 Dylan Blom by Ingrid Otterson
5 Lexy Miles by Rachel Wagner

As part of the PEEL project, a virtual ‘Tree of Life’ was created for each group, encapsulating the participants’ work.

To find out more about the PEEL project click the link here.