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Why The Branding Share?

The COVID pandemic has accelerated the growing groundswell of consumer pressure on corporates to take a more proactively caring approach to the way they do business. To maximise appeal to potential investors and customers, organisations now need to be clearly and, more importantly, measurably improving the world around them.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is the means by which corporates are now assessed and rated on their impact on the world around them - providing valuable information for customers and investors looking to do business with companies they can trust.

We have developed The Branding Share as a way of enabling our clients to maximise their positive impact within the 'S' part of ESG. We offer to build a fledgling social enterprise of our clients' choosing free of charge when we are engaged to work on a branding project. In this way, we hope to increase the positive impact that we have on our clients' brands in two mutually beneficial ways.

The Branding Share delivers innovation for your organisation’s brand with authentic, measurable and positive appeal for your customers and investors.

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