'Love your Imposter' launches

Rita Clifton shares a wealth of insight gained from the ups and downs of a life in branding.

We're pleased to announce the launch of 'Love Your Imposter. Be your best self, flaws and all' featuring a cover design by ASHA & Co. A good friend of ours, Rita Clifton CBE has been called ‘the doyenne of branding’ by Campaign magazine, and ‘a fabulous ambassador for business’ by Retail Week.

After struggling with her own imposter syndrome at university, she spent her early career in brand strategy, working as CEO, Chair and Vice Chair for companies like Interbrand and Saatchi & Saatchi, and more recently she has had a portfolio career on the boards of several businesses like Nationwide, ASOS, Bupa and Populus, as well as setting up new businesses. She has also been a lifelong supporter of the green and sustainability movement, becoming a Trustee and Fellow of WWF, a member of the Sustainable Development Commission, and chairing The Conservation Volunteers.

She wrote ‘Love Your Imposter. Be your best self, flaws and all’ because she feels so strongly that business has to become a lot more human if it’s to succeed in the future, and that as part of this we need a much more diverse set of people running organisations of all kinds. The ‘imposter’ issue is something that around 70% of people say they feel, and can often stop people from going for leadership roles; Rita is saying that, actually, these very common kinds of human feelings are exactly what we should be embracing if we’re going to have leaders with real empathy. The book is packed with honest and often funny stories from her range of experiences at the top (and bottom) of business, and she hopes to help many more people believe that they can become leaders themselves.