PEEL – from across the pond

PEEL, the programme developed by Marksteen Adamson that aims to help people explore self-expression through creativity, recently took on a new dimension with its first trans-Atlantic sessions. The programme was conducted remotely with participants from the USA enjoying virtual training sessions in photographic and poetry techniques.

PEEL Virtual 1

The ambitious PEEL programme took place over five days and featured eight participants from the UK, while five American participants dialled in remotely from the US. The virtual sessions included tutorials, lessons and expert advice on photographic and creative writing techniques.

PEEL Virtual 2

The sessions were presented by Olivia Wolfheart (lead poetry trainer), Prudence Bond (lead photography trainer), Marksteen Adamson (project founder and director) and Steven Tatlow (photography trainer and design assistant). Because of the time difference, catch-up sessions with the US were scheduled for 10am (4pm GMT) in order to check how the participants were progressing with their projects and talk through any issues.

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On the UK side, the ASHA & Co studio was used as a base from which the UK participants could utilise Cheltenham and the surrounding area as inspiration for their creative writing and photography briefs. The programme led to some inspiring creative collaborations between the participants and some wonderfully thought-provoking work being produced.

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