Refresh your outlook with Creative Rambles

Having spoken online to students from a number of universities, it had become clear to us that the absence of personal contact with tutors and friends during lockdown has led to widespread feelings of isolation and a lack of motivation among creative students.

Devised as an antidote to those incessant Zoom calls and constant eye strain; Creative Rambles is a way to help students share ideas and discuss challenges with other creatives out in the fresh air, while keeping within COVID safety guidelines.

Participation is voluntary, as part of permitted daily exercise during lockdown. The rambles are undertaken safely, by separate pairs of people walking two meters apart, in parks and green spaces near where they live.

The Creative Ramblers successfully took their first steps in Cheltenham’s Pittville Park recently. Coaches from the ASHA creative team paired up with a number of students from Gloucester Uni’s creative courses to exercise body and mind, under a cloudless Cotswold sky.

It’s hoped that more creative professionals will step up to the mark and meet for Creative Rambles with students in other locations around the UK. If you’re interested in the initiative, please get in touch for advice on how to start your own Creative Ramble safely.