How much do you trust your tech?

BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT is an organisation with 68,000 members in 150 countries which helps to make computing better for everyone. BCS supports people working in the industry, engaging audiences with the latest thinking, developments and issues in IT.

To reinforce BCS’ standing as the authoritative forum for discussion, ASHA created a campaign around three main areas where IT is impacting society – Ethical use of Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Crime.

By questioning the trust we place in the technological systems controlling the world around us, and seeding the idea that the ‘truth’ is open to interpretation, the campaign encourages us all to engage with the debate and help shape a better future.

Copy was tailored to suit different audiences including IT leaders, industry professionals and members of the public. The work highlighted BCS’ role in owning the debate through which the industry is navigating a rapidly changing ethical landscape.

The campaign was rolled out in a number of applications that had a specific relationship to the topical issues. For example, a screensaver that is suddenly interrupted with a disconcerting message: “Trust your password?” A message in a box of chocolates reads “Trust computers to find you love?”

See the full campaign case study here:

BCS Trust/Truth Campaign