Trailer launch to tempt global investors

ASHA & Co has produced a two minute trailer to support Cheltenham Borough Council’s drive for investment into an exciting project on the outskirts of the Cotswolds town.

The Golden Valley Development will include the UK’s largest concentration of cyber industry. In addition to this, the project will see the creation of a new garden community with 3,000 homes built alongside two million sq ft of commercial floorspace. In short, a project like no other in Britain.

Produced from initial brainstorm to completion in under two weeks, the trailer features interviews with key figures involved in the local development and tech sectors. Additional footage highlights the beauty and wealth of leisure activities available in the surrounding area.

The film draws on the dynamism of the UK’s thriving cyber sector to deliver a compelling message of pioneering spirit and free-thinking entrepreneurship. Inspiration has been taken from nearby GCHQ to convey the essence of British security and intelligence.

The package presents investors with the sense of an exciting opportunity to be part of a revolutionary project with world class reach in the heart of the UK.

Visit the launch site here: