The Phoenix Village Project is coming to town

Teaching enterprising skills and building sound minds for practical, social and personal regeneration. It started as one of Marksteen’s side projects in 2019, and through lockdown, he wrote the vision, programme and built a team. We now have a master plan with a feasibility study for place and culture and a new, sustainable economic model.

See the full documentary on the newly launched website as well as lots more information about the project, the partners and supporters. For a glimpse of the project, view the two minute trailer below:

The Phoenix Village Project will be a new centre for learning skills, innovation, and creativity. The project will unite talented people from arts, science, technology, and engineering backgrounds who are already running small businesses. The main aim will be to create opportunities and training for youth on the margins of society, for example, youth in foster care/refugee youth and youth caught up in gang culture or at risk from drugs, alcohol and homelessness.

“If it’s the last thing I do, this project will happen because the world needs it.”
– Marksteen Adamson

If you feel the same about this vision and you would like to get involved or support the project, you can contact:

We would love to hear from you.